Market Manager a.k.a. Business grower

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Market Manager a.k.a. Business grower

You’re the go-to person for connecting the dots, in its widest sense. You know what happens in the world and you have a tremendous network and with your build-in binocular you know what’s going on in the market. On top of that you also like to make a difference in the world. Well, please don’t wait any longer and look if this T-shirt fits you!

Andijk – 32 – 40 uur 


As our Market Manager you will keep close track of and analyze all market developments within our field. What are the most recent product developments? What are the latest demands of our customers? And what have our competitors been doing lately? You have a nose for this and thanks to your network you are the first to get any new information. You funnel all of this knowledge into crucial action plans and formulate business development opportunities on long term and next quarter. 

Our perfect candidate:

Education & knowledge
You have a Bachelor‘s degree, preferably with agricultural training.

You have 5 -10 years experience in the agricultural sector, preferably in a Sales, Business development or commercial role in the seed or vegetable industry.

You have a commercial focus and strong communicative and social skills. Your colleagues like to work with you and they can always rely on you. You're a real teamplayer! You know your way around in the market and you possess good analytic skills. Prioritizing the workload is no problem for you.

You’re a good listener and a self-starter. You care about what you do and you make it happen! It’s no wonder you know so many people, you’re a very likable person.

You speak and write Dutch and English fluently.  

The rewards
An amazing chance to work and gain experience in a unique company where you will have loads of space and responsibility. You’ll work in a team of about 75 inspiring colleagues that consists of all kind of people; some just finished school, others are real guru’s in the field. Do you like to get to know some colleagues? Check the People of Pop Vriend.

Besides an inspiring work environment in the most beautiful and sustainable building of West-Friesland, including a nice lunch café and delicious cappuccino’s, you’ll have loads of possibilities to develop yourself in your discipline. We have a no-nonsense work mentality and an informal culture, another way to say that we laugh a lot at Pop Vriend Seeds.

You can let us know by clicking the ''Reageer nu'' button before the 1st of May. We’ll collect all the incoming applications and we’ll give a follow up in the week of the 6th of May tops.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with Laura Luken – Lakenman, Management Secretary, by phone number 0228-591 462 or by e-mail address

A typical workweek as a Market Manager at Pop Vriend Seeds

After catching up with your colleagues, you start Monday with a meeting to gather information about our global product pricing system. You evaluate the product assortment in our ERP system because you'll be optimizing our pricing system in the next couple of months.

When you step in the office on Tuesday, you're energetic about the meeting you will have today with the commercial and R&D teams. You want to find out how Pop Vriend is presenting their genetic program and it’s benefits towards the customers. Then you ask yourself where can we improve on the long term? Also, a lot is happening in the outside world, e.g.: has a global one-day delivery service. Can we implement that in farming?

The middle of the week already! We're supplying more than 100 countries all over the world. All these countries have different national laws and requirements regarding product labeling and trade documents. Today you will update yourself with possible changes. You're not doing that alone, of course. You'll meet the team in a few minutes, right after you got that delicious cappuccino from the Café.

Thursday you'll meet one of our key account managers and discuss the launch of new products to the subsidiaries of this key account, in the various countries all over the world.

TGIF! Time to analyze and funnel all the data that you've gathered all week. It's been a good week, time for a drink in the warehouse!